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How To Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome

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If you’re reading this, your eyes might be in trouble! Computers, for all the power they give us, also bring with them some problems. The flickering screens and the blue light blasting our eyes leads to all kinds of issues. A set of symptoms named “computer vision syndrome” (CVS), afflicts many technology users. Today we share those symptoms, and offer several solutions to combat CVS.

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Cause and Symptoms

Extended use of a computer, or other digital screen causes CVS. Three or more hours of continuous use constitutes extended use. If after extended use of devices you experience any of the following symptoms, as listed on EyeLove Eye Care, you have experience digital eye strain:

  • Eyestrain (Non-Specific Ocular Discomfort): Any kind of eye pain following extended use of devices.
  • Blurred Distant Vision: After using devices, having a difficult time seeing at a distance. Having experienced this, it is disorienting and confusing, especially when it comes without pain.
  • Fatigue: In addition to blurred or painful vision, tired eyes can come as well. The flickering of screens causes focusing and refocusing, plus less blinking, leading to exhaustion.
  • Dry or Irritated Eyes: Following all of the previous symptoms, your eyes will dry out. The fact that screens lead to less blinking naturally causes dry, irritated eyes.
  • Headache: If you’ve never had a headache from extended computer use, you’re in the minority.
  • Neck and/or Backaches: Although not eye-related, neck and back aches come from the poor posture technology users typically employ.
  • Blurred Near Vision: Far-off blurred vision is common. Less common, is blurred near vision. In more severe cases of CVS, the whole visual field can become blurry.
  • Diplopia (Double Vision): In the most extreme cases, double vision can occur.

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Cures and Solutions

When the cause of a medical condition is distinctly known, removing the cause is the cure. While there are other things that can be done, none of them cure the condition. In the case of computer vision syndrome, the only cure is to remove the computer. Obviously that answer won’t satisfy most people. Our computers and other devices are important parts of our lives, both professional and personal. Instead of only suggesting the “cure,” we will offer some other less extreme solutions.

  • 20-20-20 Method: Much of the time, CVS comes not from use, but continuous use of devices. The 20-20-20 rule offers a simple solution to the continuity problem, and allows you to continue working. Here’s what you do: every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away f0r 20 seconds. This allows your eyes to refocus on something not emitting damaging light, and to reset so you can continue working. In addition to this, you should take a longer break, walking away from your screen, for about 10 minutes every 2 hours.
  • Angle and Height of the Screen: The symptoms of CVS come from the light your screen puts out. The less light that hit your eyes directly, the less likely you are to experience symptoms. Keep you screen below you (20 degrees), about an arms length away. Doing this reduces the amount of light bathing your eyes.
  • Blue Light Filtering Features: Many operating systems and applications offer blue light filtering services, such as night mode. These features warm the light your screen puts out. While they change the overall color of the images on your screen, they also limit the amount of blue light your screen emits. The color change may annoy, but your eyes will thank you.

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A Durable Solution

In addition to these solutions, you should consider using blue light blocking glasses. These have been proven to work. They reduce CVS, and improve sleep. Find the right blue light blocking eyewear for you today!

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