Thank you for visiting GUNNAR where we pioneer cutting-edge technologies that enhance the digital screen experience and protect the human visual system.

A message from the founders:

Almost two decades ago, we founded GUNNAR on 4 key principles and remain ardently committed to them today.

Visual ergonomics: We constantly look to protect the human visual system and enhance how we visually perceive digital media. We relentlessly pursue improvement and education in this underdeveloped field.

Innovation: We don’t wait for the future. We create it. We constantly invent and adopt new technology, not only for our products, but for every part of our company.

Design: We obsess about design and aesthetics. We care about how it works and how it looks. “Pleasing to the eye” is our mission both in form and function.

Culture: We passionately participate in and support those who create the future of tech and pop culture. We’re “all in” when it comes to gaming, music, movies, sci-fi, anime, and all other forms of digital media.

We invite you on our mission to improve the way we all live our digital lives.

- Jenny and Joe


In 2003, Matt Michelson went to his doctor to find the cause of his nagging headaches. Diagnosed with digital eye strain, Matt and his wife, Jennifer, asked their friend, Joe Croft, a Stanford-educated engineer, to join them on a mission to eliminate this massive, growing epidemic.

After three years of R&D, including hundreds of prototypes, extensive studies, and consultation with dozens of medical advisors, these visionaries launched the world’s first computer eyewear company, GUNNAR Optiks, named after the Michelsens’ son, Gunnar

Leading the way in cutting edge technology and design innovation, GUNNAR secured the first patent (# 9417460) for lenses that reduce digital eye strain and combat fatigue issues associated with the use of digital screens.

Since 2006, the brand has grown from a startup in the Michelsen’s garage to a global brand. Partnering with top brands including Disney, Activision, Blizzard, Ubisoft, and others, GUNNAR has established a position as the undisputed leader in computer and gaming eyewear. With high profile investors like 50cent and Lady Gaga, and appearances on Shark Tank, GUNNAR continues to expand its global reach.

The original category pioneer, GUNNAR established itself as a preeminent force in glasses designed to view technology. Originally limited to computer and gaming, GUNNAR continues to expand its portfolio by providing a wide selection of styles, protective lens types, and focus options for everyone. These include glasses for gaming, computer, and sun use, in addition to blue light limiting glasses for optimizing sleep, and reading glasses specifically adapted for screen use. Custom prescriptions manufactured in the USA to exacting precision complement the over-the-counter offering and ensure that GUNNAR technology can be fitted to all eyes.


Clinically proven and doctor recommended, GUNNAR’s patented lens technology not only enhances visual focus at close range, but also blocks blue light, decreases digital eye strain, and reduces dry eyes. Offered by numerous eye care professionals, GUNNAR technology has been approved for HSA/FSA purchases and is covered by almost every major vision insurance provider.

“GUNNAR’s patented lens technology is designed to address the symptoms of digital eye strain. Their experience since 2006, and constant innovation on the latest research, is what sets them apart. I recommend GUNNAR gaming and computer glasses to all of my patients!”

- Miki Lyn Zilnicki, O.D., F.C.O.V.D.


Technology allows today’s motivated visionaries to craft our future. Whether on a grand scheme or a personal level, GUNNAR supports those that create, that play, that perform, that work, and that live a thriving digital life. Since our inception two decades ago, we’ve made glasses to reduce digital eye strain, block blue light, and protect the human visual system. It’s your window to the digital world. Protect your eyes and do what you do longer and more comfortably.