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How to Measure Pupillary Distance

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how to measure pupillary distance

Ordering items online sometimes gets tricky. You can’t know 100% if that shirt will fit, or if that table will look the same in person. Some of these difficulties don’t yet have easy solutions. When it comes to ordering prescription glasses, one of the questions you might ask is “what is pupillary distance (PD)?” or “How do I measure pupillary distance?” The answer is crucial to your online order, so don’t just shrug it off! We’ve got the lowdown on what exactly pupillary distance is, why it is important, and how to measure it.

What is PD?

PD stands for pupillary distance. Your PD’s number represents, in millimeters, the distance between your pupils. When purchasing glasses online, particularly prescription glasses, this number can be crucial. It tells you where your eyes most frequently focus on the glasses, and thus how they should fit you best. If your PD is off you might experience discomfort, or possibly have difficulty seeing properly through your lenses. The average pupillary distance is 64mm for males and 61.7 for females. Generally, your prescription should tell you your PD, but if it doesn’t that’s ok. We’ll explain how to measure it yourself!

How to Measure PD

The video above from All About Vision offers 2 easy methods for measuring pupillary distance at home.

Method 1: The Mirror

  1. Get a millimeter ruler
  2. Stand 8 inches from a mirror
  3. Hold the ruler up to your face
  4. Close your right eye
  5. Align the ruler’s “0 mm” mark with your left pupil
  6. Open your right eye and Close your left
  7. Check what “mm” mark aligns with your right pupil. That number is your PD

man measuring pd

Method 2: Glasses Wearers

  1. Get a millimeter ruler
  2. Find a washable felt-tipped marker
  3. While wearing your glasses, focus on an object 20 feet away
  4. Close your right eye
  5. Use the marker to cover the object as you see it in your left eye.
  6. Mark your glasses at that spot
  7. Repeat the same process for your right eye
  8. Use your millimeter ruler to measure the distance between the two. This is your PD

Pupillary Distance Ruler

If you’ve already got a ruler that measures millimeters at home, then you’re golden. If not, no need to run to the office goods store. You can easily find accurate downloadable millimeter rulers online. Simply find one of these rulers, like this one from Eyebuydirect, and print according to the instructions. The ruler should be long enough to measure between your pupils. As long as you have a printer at home, these online printable rulers offer a simple solution to a tricky problem.

pupillary distance ruler

Online shopping has brought the world to your living room. Overcoming the small hurdles, like pupillary distance, should be a priority for anyone interested in benefitting from the amazing world of online glasses shopping. There’s a huge selection of glasses now available online. This is more convenient than your local glasses store if you know everything you need to get the job done. Plus, there’s even more glasses online than you’ll find at any eyeglass store. Take advantage of the freedom of online glasses shopping today. Find out your pupillary distance, then check out GUNNAR’s great selection of prescription glasses. 

woman looking to measure pupillary distance
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