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What are Asian Fit Glasses (Low Nose Bridge)?

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You’re probably reading this blog for one of two reasons. Either you’re trying to figure out if GUNNAR sells “Asian Fit” glasses, or you’ve seen the phrase Asian fit somewhere and are trying to learn more about it. Either way, we will answer your questions with this post. Below, we give you the rundown on the difference between low nose bridge glasses and other glasses; talk about why they call it Asian fit, and even share a photo of someone wearing a pair of Asian fit glasses. So, welcome to your guide to everything low bridge glasses!

What are Asian Fit Glasses?

Asian fit, low nose bridge, or low bridge glasses cater to specific facial features. The nose piece on glasses considered Asian fit will extend slightly lower than standard glasses. Your nose bridge refers to the hard part of your nose where it begins near your forehead, between your eyes. To know if you have a low nose bridge, we have a simple test. Look in the mirror, and use your finger to find the top of your nose bridge. Then, notice whether your finger sits above, in-line with, or below your pupils. If it is in-line, or below your pupils, this is an indication you have a low nose bridge! If your nose bridge is above your pupils, it is likely that traditional fit glasses will suffice. Asian fit glasses are created to comfortably fit wearers with lower nasal bridges, which average glasses often do not accommodate.

black low bridge glasses

Who are Asian Fit Glasses For?

Certain people are more likely than others to benefit from low nose bridge glasses. Below we list a number of attributes that might signal that you could benefit from Asian fit glasses.

  • Wider Face: Those with wider faces often have lower nose bridges, and generally struggle to wear normal glasses fit. Their wider faces make traditional frames feel too narrow and generally uncomfortable. The reason the glasses don’t fit right, however, is often that they sit too high on their face.
  • Lower Nose Bridge: As mentioned above, follow the test we explained. If your nose bridge is lower than average, consider trying a pair of low bridge glasses.
  • Higher Cheekbones: High cheekbones, like a wide face, signal a low nose bridge, and can even themselves wreak havoc with the way traditional glasses frames fit. Glasses sitting at the right point on the nose helps prevent the glasses from touching cheeks. For many, glasses touching their cheeks is what causes the discomfort, or dislike for how they look.
  • Asian: If you’re Asian, as the name implies, Asian fit glasses might be for you. Many of the attributes listed above tend to be common for Asian people. If you are Asian and have ever had trouble finding glasses that fit properly, Asian fit might be the solution you’ve been searching for.

A Real-Life Example

Meet Misses Mae. She is a professional gamer, and one of GUNNAR’s amazing ambassadors.  She’s pictured here wearing a pair of GUNNAR Asian fit compatible frames. As you can see, she looks great. She always wears GUNNARs, and always chooses Asian fit frames. The pair she’s wearing here are the Ellipse. 

misses mae in gunnar glasses that are low bridge compatible
gunnar asian fit glasses on missis mae

Be sure to check out Misses Mae on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Gaming, and Mixer.

GUNNAR offers many different frames that are Asian fit compatible for anyone with any of the attributes listed above. If you love the Ellipse, check them out. If not, browse some of your favorites. Look in the bullet list of product descriptions, and you’ll see if they are “Asian Fit Compatible.” Find your dream Asian fit sunglasses or glasses today!


misses mae wearing asian fit glasses from gunnar
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