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What are Sleep Glasses?

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Digital screens cause digital eye strain. We make that point almost daily on this blog. Another point we frequently bring up is that blue light hurts your sleep cycle. This latter point deserves a little more emphasis. If you’ve ever laid in bed staring at the ceiling, wondering why you can’t sleep, then we might just have a solution for you. Think about this: how late into the evening do you use devices with digital screens? Most of us use them until the moment before we go to sleep. Some of us use them as we lay awake in bed after we should already be asleep. And then we wonder where all the sleep has gone.

Never fear. You need not give up your routine with your devices in the evening, not necessarily. While avoiding the use of digital screens at least one hour before bedtime helps your sleep cycle, today we run down another solution: Sleep glasses. We’re talking glasses specifically designed to help you wind down for the day before sleep. Sleeping glasses, more specifically blue light blocking glasses for sleep, offer increased protection from blue light in the crucial hours before bedtime.

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Blue Light Glasses Vs. Sleep Glasses

The key difference between typical blue light blocking glasses and sleep glasses is the level of protection. Blue light protection factor (BLPF) differs across the various lens types in blue light glasses. Sleep glasses are a type of blue light glasses, but their level of protection differs from typical blue blockers. For example, a typical blue light lens might have a BLPF anywhere from 6-65, whereas a sleep lens’ BLPF can get all the way up to 98.

The typical goal with blue light glasses is to provide protection without altering your perception with the tint on the lenses. Sleep glasses, however, have the explicit goal of blocking out more light than typical glasses. These lenses block out blue light, but they also dim light generally, creating a more sleep-friendly environment for the wearer. Blue light stops the production of melatonin (the chemical in the brain connected to sleepiness), sleep glasses block almost every bit of the blue light, helping stimulate melatonin production.

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Do Sleep Glasses Work?

Opinions differ, and the science returns varied results on the effects of particular brands of sleep glasses. For example, New York Magazine’s sponsored write-up on the subject offers far from glowing remarks. Other pieces, like in CNN, offer more praise, but less decisive answers. When you drill down and consider the studies themselves however, as Healthline did, you’ll find that the science agrees on one thing: blue light harms your sleep cycle. With that knowledge, you need only do the math yourself. Finding sleep glasses with high BLPF can only redound to the benefit of your sleep cycle.

Finding The Best Protection

Many companies offer sleep glasses. The question you need to ask, is which one protects your eyes best. If you’re determined to take your nights back, do what you want before bedtime, and sleep like a baby, you’ve got to find a pair of sleep glasses that really block the blue light out. GUNNAR offers 4 lens types with 4 different BLPF’s. Clear (35), Amber (65), Sun (90), and Amber Max (98). The Amber Max offers highest level of protection available on the market. Pick up a pair today (with a 30 day guarantee), and protect your eyes before bed the right way. 

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As a writer for the past 7 years, an online tutor, and a graduate student at Claremont Graduate University, Ted spends a lot of time in front of screens, and has felt for himself the negative effects of such extended exposure. Ted’s experience with digital technology has made him a crusader for the cause of blue light protection. He writes hoping to help others experience relief.

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