Why Wear GUNNAR Blue Light Glasses?

Why Wear GUNNAR Blue Light Glasses?

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Have you seen our new video?

GUNNAR Optiks produced an animated video to educate people about GUNNAR blue light glasses. We created this video to point out how much our lives revolve around digital screens. By the end it’s clear how GUNNARS will help improve that experience. Check it out above before you keep reading!

Notice the title of the video “Eye protection required, pants optional.” Our digital world offers a new variety and rich breadth of experience…all available in your underwear. You don’t need to get off the couch or even get dressed to take part in the digital world. The problem, however, is in the eyes. You may be able to remain save from the outside world (so to speak), but without proper protection, your eyes are left vulnerable. Let us break it down.

digital devices cause digital eye strain

Digital Eye Strain

You may no longer need to experience strain in your body to go to work or play. However, you are not left unscathed! Your eyes, rather than your back, now bear the brunt of your work and play. The eye muscle, like any muscle, can be overworked. If you worked out the same bicep every day building muscle would be difficult, not because you don’t work enough, but because you overwork.

The same applies to the eyes. The difference? No benefit comes from working your eyes hard. You experience all of the strain, none of the gain. What causes the strain? Constant close-quarters interaction with digital screens. These screens produce an almost imperceptible flicker that causes the eyes to adjust and readjust. Furthermore, the screens emit damaging blue light. This combination of factors spells one result: trouble.

If you enjoy tired, dry, sore eyes, headaches, and other discomfort, you can stop reading. Nothing that follows applies to anyone who does not mind these things. Unless, of course, you’re worried about your vision moving forward. If you are worried about any of those things listed, read on!

blue light might cause blindness

Long-Term Troubles

Exposure to frequent and extended interactions with digital screens leads to macular degeneration, the most common cause of blindness. The blue light pierces through your cornea, right to your macula. In the short term, you feel what we described above. In the long term, you may begin to lose your eyesight.

This is the most serious long term effect. The short term effect should not be discounted, however, in the long term. Imagine having chronic digital eye syndrome. Always uncomfortable, a slight headache, irritability, all the time. Such symptoms becoming the new normal falls pretty low on the list of bummers. Many bandaid solutions exist to deal with the short and long term, but none covers you all the time, and none covers you securely.

blue light glasses benefits

Where we Come In

Enter GUNNAR! Our eyewear helps minimize eye fatigue and visual stress, while improving contrast, comfort, and focus for anyone who spends long hours viewing digital screens. In the short term, your digital eye strain goes away. In the long, macular degeneration doesn’t stand a chance. Join the movement today by picking up a pair of GUNNARS!


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