Introducing the Baron: A New Era of Performance Eyewear

Introducing the Baron: A New Era of Performance Eyewear

For those who strive for excellence and demand peak performance, the world of digital eyewear is a dynamic arena. At GUNNAR, our mission is to push the boundaries of innovation in eye protection and visual enhancement. Today, we're excited to introduce a revolutionary addition to our lineup: the Baron glasses.


The Baron: A New Standard in Eyewear

Building on the success of the Stark Industries Edition, the Baron glasses bring a host of new features designed to elevate your visual experience. Here's what makes the Baron your ultimate eyewear ally:

Unmatched Durability

Crafted from premium stainless steel, the Baron offers a robust yet lightweight frame. Whether you're navigating tight deadlines or tackling physical challenges, these glasses are built to endure.

Sleek and Comfortable Design

The Baron's slim temples ensure a secure and comfortable fit, while their modern design adds a touch of elegance. These glasses are perfect for any occasion, blending style with functionality.

Crystal Clear Vision

The smudge-resistant lens coating keeps your view clear, and GUNNAR's patented lens technology reduces eye strain and fatigue. Maintain your focus and clarity during long hours in front of screens.

Comprehensive Eye Protection

The Baron glasses filter out harmful blue light from digital devices and provide 100% UV protection. This dual defense shields your eyes from potential damage, ensuring they remain healthy and ready for action.


Beyond Performance: A Complete Experience

The Baron glasses are designed to offer more than just superior performance. They come with an array of features that ensure you get the most out of your eyewear.

Essential Accessories

Every pair of Baron glasses includes a stylish and protective carrying case, a microfiber carrying pouch, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. These accessories help keep your glasses in top condition, no matter where you are.

Perfect Fit for All

The Baron glasses are engineered to fit a low bridge comfortably, accommodating a wide range of facial structures. This ensures a secure and comfortable fit for everyone.

Personalized Vision Solutions

Need prescription lenses? The Baron glasses can be customized to meet your specific vision needs, providing tailored visual support.

Technical Specifications

  • Lens Width: 55 mm
  • Lens Height: 45 mm
  • Nose Bridge: 21 mm
  • Frame Width: 141 mm
  • Temple Length: 145 mm
  • Weight: 27.7 grams (without packaging)


Our Commitment to Excellence

The Baron glasses epitomize our dedication to continuous improvement. They are not merely a successor but a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection. With the Baron, you're not just getting advanced eyewear; you're joining a community committed to pushing the limits and achieving greatness.

Elevate Your Vision

Ready to experience the next level in digital eyewear technology? Visit our website to learn more about the Baron glasses. Don't miss the chance to equip yourself with the best tools for your visual challenges.

At GUNNAR, we're proud to take this step forward with you. The Baron glasses represent our promise to innovate and exceed expectations. With these glasses, you're not just enhancing your vision; you're making a statement of your dedication to conquering every challenge.

Step into the future. Claim your Baron.


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