Computer Glasses For Kids: The Latest in Eye Care

Computer Glasses For Kids: The Latest in Eye Care

Whether at home or at school (or attending digital courses via Zoom), it is clear kids today deal with screens almost constantly. This consistent rise in screen time affects children in many ways and eye health represents one of the primary concerns with screen time for kids. Children’s eyes are ⅔ the size they will be when they are full grown adults and damaging vision at an early age with overexposure to digital screens can have developmental impacts.

Children’s eye care is a priority for any parent, but the technology issue simply adds urgency to an already important question “How do I protect my child’s vision?” With children’s constant exposure, and nearly unfettered access to screens, children's computer glasses have become a much needed  solution.

Do Kids Need Computer Glasses?

Perhaps you’ve heard of computer glasses, but have you considered how they may help your child? In the midst of the digital age and with many effects of technology remaining unknown, our kids’ developing vision is the guinea pig on how digital devices will affect their development, ocular and overall health in the long-term. As parents, we need to understand the potential impact devices have on our children and the guidelines for exposure.

How Children Are Vulnerable To Blue Light

The full effects of blue-light are still being studied, but the things we do know are that the blue light affects sleep cycles and may contribute to damaging the retinal cells that could lead to macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness in America. Children's eyes are more vulnerable to damage due to the fact they'll be viewing these devices for their entire lifetime and have exposure during a time when their eyes are still developing and have little natural protection. Protecting from blue-light in children is critical for the long-term preservation of their eye health and healthy sleep schedules.

While you can’t prevent your kids' eyes from being a part of the digital world altogether, protecting their eyes is possible. Blue light blocking glasses prevent the potential ills of overexposure to screens. Computer glasses protect you from digital eye strain in the short run, and substantially lower the risk of eye health issues in the long run.

GUNNAR's newest line of glasses are specifically designed for the younger population to protect their growing and developing eyes. They provide the same benefits as glasses meant for adults, with additional durability, correct size, and a kid-friendly design. Given the potential for damage, especially for younger eyes, blue light glasses designed for kids offer essential protection.

Protecting Your Child’s Eye Health

“The idea for the glasses was born out of one woman’s frustration with her husband’s digitally induced migraines and worry about the eyes of her child who was fascinated by technology.” -Iustin Cojocaru, the owner of Eyenovation, in an interview with European Gaming Magazine

Not only has promoting eye health always been GUNNAR's top priority, but the idea for this business, at its conception, included concern for children’s eye health. GUNNAR Optiks has been a leader in the blue-light blocking glasses industry since 2005. Their primary aim is producing glasses that reduce glare, improve dryness, absorb and reflect that high-energy blue light that can affect our sleep cycles and ocular health, as well as some options to help alleviate near focus.

The research on long-term effects of digital screens on eyes, both old and young, is still in process. However existing research already shows the frightening potential of long-term exposure and the unquestionable short-term problems associated with screens (such as accelerated macular degeneration or Computer vision syndrome). GUNNAR understands that this is a rising concern amongst parents monitoring their child's screen-time. That’s why they have designed eyewear for your child’s developing eyes and vision. Don’t let technology take priority over the health of your family.

Check out GUNNAR’s line of glasses specially designed for kids.

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