GUNNAR Technology: How to Protect Your Eyes From Digital Eye Syndrome

GUNNAR Technology: How to Protect Your Eyes From Digital Eye Syndrome

What sets GUNNAR lenses apart from the competition is the patented lens design that gives you a little extra focus at near offering eyestrain relief, blocks blue light and glare as well as the curvature of the lens to reduce dry eye with an optimal ocular environment.


The GUNNAR Focus

The aim of the GUNNAR Focus is to help your eye not have to work as hard at keeping things clear while on a device.  This small amount of focusing power is meant to help you; however, sometimes the muscle that controls this focus has a hard time relaxing.

The additional 0.2 diopter plus power in the lens can initially feel like too much magnification, but rest assured if you are in the right prescription, this small focusing power will ultimately make viewing your device more comfortable.


The GUNNAR Coating (AR/Blue Light Blocking)

There are multiple levels of coatings available depending on the style and Performance level of your GUNNAR.

Figuring out what lens option is right for you is an important step because the standard amber does have a distinct yellow tint to it, which may take some getting used to.  For some, especially those that work in digital design/photography, feel that the color distortion is too distracting. Luckily, GUNNAR offers multiple levels of coatings and tints to best fit your needs.


Lens Curvature

This is the least likely piece of the lens design that may be causing symptoms, but there are some patients who are sensitive to the curvature of the lens.

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