What are Light Sensitivity Glasses?

What are Light Sensitivity Glasses?

They say that treating symptoms does not cure the disease. That is absolutely true. However, in some cases treating the symptoms offers welcome, necessary relief. Those with photophobia surely agree with this sentiment. Some symptoms, like light sensitivity, relate to underlying issues that can be difficult to diagnose, and when diagnosed difficult to treat. Sometimes it seems like it comes about for no reason at all. Today we'll help you find out if you suffer from any level of light sensitivity. Not only that, but we'll give you the lowdown on light sensitivity glasses

What is Photophobia?

Photophobia is the medical name for the symptom we call light sensitivity. Generally, this symptom comes as part of a larger disorder. Light sensitivity can come at various levels of severity. For one person it means slight discomfort in bright lighting. For another, it brings splitting migraine headaches and crippling eye strain. Some experience it most in sunlight, others in artificial light. Disorders with photophobia as a symptom can range from very serious (meningitis, or detached retina) to milder (light color or lack of pigment in the cornea).


woman experiencing photophobia


How to Treat Light Sensitivity

Since sources vary so widely, so do treatments. For the more serious conditions, treating the underlying issue often helps relieve light sensitivity. For less serious conditions, sometimes no practical cure for the issue exists. Absent some surgery that injects additional pigmentation into a light-colored eye, such individuals cannot permanently remove symptoms. Regardless of the situation, most who suffer from light sensitivity will agree, relief would be welcome.

What are Light Sensitivity Glasses?

Regardless of which condition causes your light sensitivity, finding a way to combat the symptom will help improve your comfort, and productivity. Since there are different levels of sensitivity, below we show different levels of protection available. 


blue light glasses help with light sensitivity


Amber Max

Amber Max lenses provide the highest level of protection on the market. With a GUNNAR Blue Light Filter (GBLF) of 98, these lenses will provide relief for even the most photophobic person. They protect from 100% of UV and 98% of blue light. These light varieties tend to cause the greatest strain and sensitivity. Maximum protection, maximum relief. Over 40 frame options with Amber max lenses are available. 


blue blocker sunglasses help with light sensitivity



At 90 GBLF, our sunglasses offer the second-highest level of protection. If you primarily struggle with photosensitivity outdoors, these are the lenses for you. Don't let eye pain prevent you from enjoying your life. Grab a pair today. 


man wearing amber lens blue light glasses



For those with moderate light sensitivity, and a desire to remain productive and uninhibited by distractions, Amber is the one. They offer 65 GBLF, filtering most of the light that causes strain and sensitivity. These are our most popular lenses because they meet the needs of most people quite well.


which gunnar lens to get



Our clear lenses provide subtle protection for those with only limited photophobia. At 35 GBLF, they do much better than wearing no protection. They even provide greater protection than many similarly designed lenses on the market from other brands. If you want to avoid the slight inconvenience of light sensitivity and look good doing it, clear lenses are for you.

For a shorthand version of the information presented above, check out this helpful chart:


gunnar blue light protection tints explained


Don't suffer in silence. Light sensitivity can really ruin your day. Don't let another day pass you buy in discomfort. Get protected now, and see results right away. 

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