Comfortable Glasses For Serious Gamers

Comfortable Glasses For Serious Gamers

If you consider yourself a gamer, then you know the importance using every fair advantage available to you. Given this universal feeling in the gaming community, gaming glasses have taken on great importance. Any serious gamer knows about the eye strain that comes from long hours of gaming. Gaming glasses help decrease the discomfort, and thus increase your ability to focus and compete. These specially designed glasses provide protection from blue light, blur, and glare that come from extended use of digital screens.

Most gamers understand the advantage they gain from such protective eyewear. Beyond this basic understanding about gaming glasses lies additional important factors to consider in choosing the right pair for you. At GUNNAR, we strive to push the boundaries of gaming glasses by increasing effectiveness, compatibility, and comfort.

The Basics of Protective Eyewear

As mentioned above, gaming glasses primarily block harmful blue light to reduce eye strain. A secondary feature that all experienced gamers can appreciate, is the glare protection. GUNNAR’s patented lens technology not only blocks blue light, but it prevents the eye pain and fatigue from excessive glare.

This matters especially for gamers, who tend to blink less (I know I’ve been guilty of this). It’s simply a function of our intense focus on the game! Nevertheless, less blinking means dry eyes and increased exposure to blue light and glare. The protection GUNNAR gaming glasses offer comfort for a longer gaming session.

In our current socially restricted times, protection from the dangers of blue light matter even more. In a survey conducted by Newzoo, of the 1,204 gamers surveyed, 66% reported an increase in time spent gaming in March 2020. 95% of those who increased their play time reported that their increase was a direct result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Bottom line: As a result of increased time spent gaming, you put your comfort and health at risk. Taking advantage of the protection gaming glasses offers is a no-brainer. Our focus is how we can make these glasses even better for you.

In what ways can we improve the gaming experience?

Our cutting-edge innovations in gaming glasses improve the experience of gamers with each new release. Check out some of the ways we are working to change gaming glasses for the better.

Alleviate Temple Pressure

The combination of a headset paired with gaming glasses can sometimes add pressure to the temples of your head. All of the gear enhances your experience, but it can weigh you down. Like a knight going into battle, you need the gear, but you also want to ride comfortably and aerodynamically. Any discomfort can be a big distraction.

Our FPS gaming glasses aimed to solve the problem by including rubber-tipped temples for added flexibility. With our latest addition, the Lightning Bolt 360 we wanted to take this one step further by completely reimagining the typical shape and design of traditional thermoplastic temples found on glasses. You’ll notice the difference with our new temple-saving lighting bolt shaped design, which lifts the front of the frame off your front temple points on your head to relieve any temple pressure you would normally experience. Not only that, but we also designed different interchangeable temple’s (the arms of your glasses) for different use case scenarios.  The ‘strap’ replacement temple, for example, was developed specifically for use with a headset and is made of a lightweight cord material.  So, if you’re one of those gamers, like me, that always gets a headache when wearing glasses with a headset after a while due to the pressure applied behind the ear, we’ve addressed that!  No more head pressure with headsets!

removable temples with string replacement for pairing gaming glasses comfortably with headsets

Easily Switch Between Everyday Glasses

In addition to offering glasses that protect your eyes, every year we increase our options for prescription wearers. Many of our lens tints and frame options are available with your prescription. Our clear lens has a GUNNAR Blue Light Filter (GBLF) of 35, but for optimal protection indoors while gaming for a long time, we recommend  the Amber Lens (65 GBLF).  However, if you like to get your gaming session in late at night, then the Amber Max lens (98% GBLF) is for you.  This ultimate blue light filtering lens tint will help your circadian rhythm, and let’s face it, uninterrupted sleep is important.

For the gamer who wants a single pair of glasses fit for both indoor and outdoor protection, we are thrilled to introduce interchangeable lenses to the Lightning Bolt 360.  They come standard with the Amber lens for indoor use and the Sun lens for gaming on the go!  The Sun lens not only blocks 100% UV light, but also 90% blue light (so also good for gaming late at night) and it comes without the polarization, so you can see the detail on your phone in the great outdoors! . These easy to change lenses give you unmatched protection no matter where you are!

The Lightning Bolt 360: Available Soon!

All these innovations we already offer have led us to create the ultimate glasses for performance and protection. Each of the key features discussed here will be available in our latest pair of gaming glasses: the Lightning Bolt 360! Look for the official launch on August, 25 2020.

Pre-order the Lightning Bolt 360 today, here and receive a FREE gift included with your order! 

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