Must Haves for PC Gaming

Must Haves for PC Gaming

Gaming, as great as it is, can be difficult if you feel limited by your equipment. When you sit down at your PC to game, are you satisfied with your setup? For the sake of discussion, let’s assume you have a great gaming PC already. Do you have everything else you could want to enhance your gaming experience?

In this post we offer a list of the key PC gaming accessories that added together create the perfect pc gaming setup. If you want optimal comfort, flexibility, and performance in your PC gaming experience, start here.

5 Accessories Every PC Gamer Can Benefit From

1. Wireless Headset


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A premium set of wireless, noise-cancelling headphones can be expensive, but totally worth the cost for the benefit it brings. With a comfortable headset you can completely escape from the world around you and immerse yourself in the game. Not to mention, going wireless eliminates extra tangle and clutter in a potential bird nest of cords around your PC. If you like to play with friends, or communicate online with opponents and teammates, get yourself a gaming headset with a mic. Sony offers this mic-less set or, depending on your game of choice, you might prefer this Razer Nari  gaming specific, headset with a mic.

2. Wireless Gaming Mouse

Truthfully, wires increasingly become an annoyance for anyone dealing with technology. Most gamers realize the necessity of having a wired internet connection for ultimate speed and, more obviously, for plugging their computer into the wall. Besides such necessary wired connections, all extraneous wires should be cut. Remove the confusion, avoid the tangle. Get yourself a wireless gaming mouse. For extra credit, you can get a mouse from Razer that matches your headphones.

Take it one step further by customizing your wireless accessories. Take a look at your controller for instance. Have you considered how your thumbsticks could be better? Our partners KontrolFreek Performance offer custom performance thumbsticks to increase your grip. They can help you find the right thumbsticks for your controller based on your game type and feel preference.


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Here, Youtuber Dustin Yates shows off his purple FPS Freek Galaxy Performance Thumbsticks while wearing Infinite GUNNAR Gaming Glasses... but more on that later.

3. A Comfortable Chair

Anyone spending hours at a time in front of a computer screen should find a chair they love. As a gamer, that might mean a premium gaming command station. Maybe you prefer a nice office chair. Whatever you pick, spend some time researching, and testing.

Spending up to 8 hours a day in a chair can take its toll in the long and short term- just ask any of our ambassadors. Save yourself discomfort in the short run, and pain/medical bills in the long run; get yourself a nice chair.

4. Customizable Lights

If you want to know how to be a YouTube gamer, you know that you need to get the set the tone. Your PC or monitor might already come with awesome custom lights. If not, don’t get left out of the cool rig club. You can buy strips of customizable lights that stick and glow on any surface you wish. Backlight your monitor, make your desk glow, and bask in the haze of your tower’s colorful beams. This is the perfect accessory to set the mood for the latest quest.

5. Gaming Glasses

This list wouldn’t be complete without at least some mention of GUNNAR gaming glasses. Our patented lens technology protects your eyes, allowing you to focus and play for longer without discomfort or eye strain. Our sleek designs let you do all of that in style and comfort. We make computer glasses as well as gaming glasses, to protect you in every eye straining circumstance.


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We love this demo from @missesmae showing how #GUNNAROptiks blocks blue light (and lasers...)💥

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Jonna Mae, known as Misses Mae in the gaming community, wears GUNNARs to protect her eyes from blue light. In the video above she puts our Amber lenses to the test. She is wearing the Atherton frames, but we have tons of options for gamers. See for yourself to find the right pair.

Create a Top of the Line Gaming Experience

While we can't promise these gaming accessories will boost you to become the top YouTube gamer, comfort and style come with the territory. If you want to be great, you need to look and feel the part.

No matter your goals, removing distractions and obstacles to your game can help you focus on actually improving your skills. Every little bit helps getting the edge over your opponents, and taking on tough challenges. Get your set-up taken care of, remove all excuses, and get back to gaming. Get started by protecting your eyes, and extending your play time with a pair of gaming glasses from GUNNAR.

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