Black Frame Glasses: A Classic Style for Everyone

Black Frame Glasses: A Classic Style for Everyone

No longer considered a purely corrective aid, eyeglasses are now looked at as a fashion statement that can instantly enhance a person’s appearance. One of today’s most popular, stylish eyewear trends for both men and women is black frame glasses. This classic style, which was popularized in the 1950s, has made a huge comeback. Actually, black glasses never really went out of style! 

In this article, we’ll be answering all of your questions about black frame glasses, as well as showcasing GUNNAR’s most stylish blue light blocking glasses with black frames. Here are your questions answered.

Do black glasses look good on everyone?

Black glasses are a timeless staple and have seen more popularity than just about any other style of glasses—and for good reason! No matter your skin color, hair color, eye color, or style, black glasses have a way of looking good on anyone. Black glasses also tend to enhance people’s eyes, making them look brighter and more vibrant in contrast to the black frames.

Plus, unlike colored frames, black glasses go with just about any outfit. Thanks to their neutrality and versatility, you can wear black frame glasses on any occasion, from work to a fancy dinner. 

Are black glasses too harsh?

There are a wide variety of black frame styles, including black circle glasses, black square glasses, thin black glasses, thick black glasses, and even black cat eye glasses. If you want a softer look, you can opt for a thinner frame or cat eye frame, whereas if you want a more bold look, you can choose a pair with a thicker frame. 

Do black glasses make you look older?

One of the many great things about black glasses is that they work for people of any age. They miraculously make young people look a little bit older and wiser and older people a bit more hip and vibrant. Chunky black glasses, especially, are very trendy right now and give off a youthful energy. Whether you’re 18 or 80, you can find a pair of black frames that perfectly suit your desired look. 

What kind of black glasses should you choose? 

GUNNAR offers a variety of black frame glasses that will not only enhance your style, but also protect your eyes from digital eye strain and blue light exposure.

Blue light is widely used in modern screen technology to illuminate phones, laptops, computer screens, and TVs. Over time, excessive digital screen use and exposure to blue light can be harmful to your visual system and lead to symptoms like headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, and disrupted sleep.

With GUNNAR glasses, you don’t have to choose between style and eye protection. You can have both! Our patented lens technology filters out harmful blue light, enhances focus, reduces dry eyes, minimizes glare, and reduces digital eye strain. 

Let’s take a look at GUNNAR’s most popular black frame glasses so you can find the perfect pair for your needs and style. All of the glasses below are available with non-prescription or prescription lenses. You’ll also notice that most of the glasses below list “onyx” as the frame color. Onyx is a deep, rich black with a true black undertone—in other words, the blackest of blacks!

Intercept Black Frame Glasses

black frame glasses gunnar intercept

Looking to channel your inner Clark Kent? With Intercept black frame glasses, you’ll feel like you can take on (and maybe even save) the world. With their bold, square frame, blue light blocking lenses, and ergonomic design, these retro frames will keep your eyes safe and comfortable while using digital devices.

Intercept is available in multiple lens tints, including Clear (blocks 35% blue light), Amber (blocks 65% blue light), Amber Max (blocks 98% blue light), and Amber-React (which blocks 65 or 90% depending on whether you’re indoors or outdoors).

Attaché Black Frame Glasses

attache black frame glasses by gunnar

Featuring trendy, round lenses and a sleek black frame, Attaché blue light glasses are simultaneously cute and sophisticated. Available in Clear (blocks 35% blue light) or Amber (blocks 65% blue light) lens tint, these flattering black frames will protect your eyes from harmful blue light in style. 

Emery Black Frame Glasses

emery black frame glasses by gunnar

These glasses combine two classic eyewear colors: black and tortoise shell. Featuring round, black frames and tortoise shell arms, Emery blue light glasses offer protection, function, and style. Available in Clear (blocks 35% blue light) or Amber (blocks 65% blue light) lens tint, these high-quality glasses are lightweight, made for all-day comfort, and effectively address the symptoms of digital eye strain.

Menlo Black Frame Glasses

menlo black frame glasses by gunnar

If you’re looking for classic black frame glasses that magically seem to look good on anyone, look no further than Menlo. Menlo’s circular frame style complements a wide variety of face shapes and offers blue light protection for long hours spent using digital devices. Available in Clear (blocks 35% blue light) or Amber (blocks 65% blue light) lens tint, these black frames allow you to perform at your best while staying comfortable all day. 

Maverick Black Frame Glasses

maverick black frame glasses by gunnar

Ready for takeoff? Choose Maverick glasses to propel your vision to new heights. These aviator-style glasses feature a black and gold stainless steel frame that exudes class and confidence. They have a thinner frame, making them a great option for those who want a less bold look.  Available in Clear (blocks 35% blue light) or Amber (blocks 65% blue light) lens tint, Maverick offers blue light protection and is sure to enhance your viewing experience. 

Apex Black Frame Glasses

apex black frame glasses by gunnar

Apex black glasses are designed for digital screen users who love a stylish look. These fashion-forward blue light glasses feature a thin stainless steel frame with accented temple tips, offering a chic, subtle touch to your appearance. Available in Clear (blocks 35% blue light) or Amber (blocks 65% blue light) lens tint, these glasses are sure to keep both your eyes and style sharp! 

Choose your black frame glasses today 

Thanks to their eternal appeal, black frame glasses are a fashion staple that’s here to stay. You can feel confident that choosing black frames will be a good choice, no matter your personal style, facial features or gender. Plus, as you can see, GUNNAR offers a variety of different styles of black glasses, allowing you to find the pair that best suits your needs and appearance.

In addition to offering a stylish flair, GUNNAR black frame glasses address all short and long-term side effects of digital eye strain. If you spend long hours working on the computer or using other digital devices, consider investing in a pair of GUNNAR black frame computer glasses to protect your eyes with timeless style!

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