Eyewear Trends 2021: Top 4 Fashion Glasses

Eyewear Trends 2021: Top 4 Fashion Glasses

They say the highlight of an outfit usually lies in the small details like earrings, shoes, or a statement purse, but with a rise in virtual everything— we say a pair of blue light glasses is a must. The new virtual way of life is setting a high demand for fashion-forward frames that are not only trendy but give your eyes the protection they need. Here are the top trends for eyewear in 2021.


Trend 1: Aviator Glasses

I think it’s safe to say that aviator glasses are a classic that will never go out of style. Taking these retro glasses and adding a modern-day touch is exactly what GUNNAR has done. The Maverick frames (our rendition of aviator blue light glasses) provide plenty of face-shielding protection and are available in chic colors like rose gold, black/gold, and mint.

aviator blue light glasses maverick


Trend 2: Round Glasses

Modern, lightweight, and sophisticated – sleek round wire frame glasses provide all the elegance without the weight. These frames are ideal for various face shapes and are often the perfect accessory without being too over the top. For a polished look, our Ellipse glasses have a minimalist wire frame and a range of complementary colors such as rose gold, silver, and black/gold.

round frame glasses ellipse


Trend 3: Clear Frame Glasses

Transparent frame glasses have been around since the 2010s, but have only recently made a strong comeback— especially in kids and teens. With frame shape and size constantly changing, clear glasses have a lightweight feel and help showcase your face. Check out the Cruz Kids Crystal frames for a clean, trendsetting style.

transparent glasses gunnar


Trend 4: Blue Light Glasses

As we said earlier, the new way of life is virtual and there is no denying the increase of screen time spent on our devices. Extra screen time leads to potentially harmful effects to our eyes from too much blue light exposure, which also interrupts healthy sleep patterns, detrimental symptoms from digital eye strain which can cause headaches, fatigue, and blurred vision, and finally myopia (nearsightedness). Luckily, GUNNAR’s blue light blocking glasses not only filter out harmful blue light, but they also address the short and long-term side effects of digital eye strain with their patented lens technology which also enhances focus, reduces dry eyes, and minimizes glare. GUNNAR is the only patented gaming and computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision.

blue light glasses as a fashion trend


The top trends are already making an impact in the eyewear world for 2021, which means GUNNAR is ready to hit its stride. With a range of chic styles, complementary colors, and patented blue light protection for every frame— GUNNAR is a statement piece you need.

Like they say— healthy eyes, but make it fashion.gunnar glasses emoji

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