Gold Frame Glasses: Why This Shimmery Style Is Always In

Gold Frame Glasses: Why This Shimmery Style Is Always In

If you’re looking for eyewear that is elegant and refined, look no further than gold frame eyeglasses. Whether you wear them to enhance your vision, for blue light protection, or just as a fashion statement, shimmering gold frames can light up your face and take your look to the next level. 

In this article, we’ll be answering your top questions about gold frame glasses, as well as sharing GUNNAR’s most stylish blue light blocking glasses with gold frames. Let’s dive in!

What color frames are best?

The frame color you choose is a personal decision and depends on your unique style. Gold frames tend to look best on those whose skin has a warmer undertone. Warm undertones appear yellowish in fair/medium skin and can appear more peachy/golden in medium-dark/deep skin tones.

That being said, if you think you could rock gold frames, don’t let your skin’s undertone hold you back! You’re the best judge of what makes you feel confident and comfortable. 

Are gold frame glasses in style?

Gold rimmed glasses have been around for decades and are truly timeless. Their elegance keeps them in style year after year, with no signs of slowing down. Gold glasses are popular among celebrities, business men and women, gamers, and fashionistas alike. You can rest assured that gold metal frame glasses won’t be going out of style any time soon. 

Do gold frames look good?

Gold frames look great on a wide variety of people. Compared to acetate (plastic) frames, metal gold frame glasses tend to be more lightweight and low profile. They have an uncanny ability to enhance a person’s appearance, without looking too heavy or bold. 

What kind of gold glasses should you choose?

If you’re looking for a gold eyeglass frame that will not only enhance your style, but also filter harmful blue light, GUNNAR has you covered.

Blue light is widely used in modern screen technology to illuminate phones, laptops, computer screens, and TVs. Over time, excessive digital screen use and exposure to blue light can be harmful to your visual system and lead to symptoms like headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, and disrupted sleep.

GUNNAR’s line of glasses are built with patented lens technology that filters out blue light, enhances focus, reduces dry eyes, minimizes glare, and reduces digital eye strain—all while making you look fantastic!

The glasses showcased below feature GUNNAR’s patented lens technology, are available with non-prescription or prescription lenses, and come in either Clear (blocks 35% blue light) or Amber (blocks 65% blue light) lens tint.

Let’s find your perfect pair!


apex gold frame glasses by gunnar

The classic cat-eye style from the 50s and 60s is back and better than ever with Apex blue light glasses. Made with women in mind, these stylish specs feature a durable, gold, stainless steel frame and marble-accented acetate temple tips. Whether you work long days in the office or love getting your video game on in your free time, Apex offers all-day blue light protection and combats bothersome symptoms of digital eye strain like dry eye and blurry vision.  



ellipse gold frame glasses by gunnar

Fashion trends tend to come full circle, and round gold frame glasses are making a major comeback. They’re hand-crafted with premium stainless steel and feature ultra slim temples that distribute pressure to ensure headphone compatibility. This dreamy style ergonomically fits a wide range of face shapes and makes for a great fashion accessory for men and women alike. 



maverick black frame glasses by gunnar

Aviator glasses are the epitome of cool and suitable for both genders. Maverick aviator-style glasses feature a black and gold frame made of stainless steel, flexible hinges, and wide format lenses for a more unobstructed visual experience. These glasses can be worn at home, work, or wherever you need blue light protection. 



atherton gold frame glasses by gunnar

With their round, gold frame and thin, shimmery gold arms, Atherton blue light glasses offer a retro style that won’t go unnoticed. Suitable for men and women alike, these gold frames are so lightweight and comfortable, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them! Slip on Atherton frames when using your digital devices to protect your eyes in style. 



infinite gold frame glasses by gunnar

Protecting your eyes from blue light never looked so good! These hand-crafted, gold frame glasses are all class, and their lightweight construction makes them ideal for all-day use. Wear them at home while surfing the web or at work while answering your emails. Just expect some of your co-workers to ask where you got them! 

Like the other glasses in this list, Infinite is available in Clear lens tint, which blocks 35% blue light, however, this style is unique in that it’s also available in Amber-React lens tint, which blocks 65-90 percent of blue light, depending on whether you’re indoors or outdoors. 

Select your gold frame glasses today

With their timeless popularity and sophisticated appearance, there’s a reason gold frame glasses have been a gold standard style for decades. They add effortless flair to any look and somehow manage to perfectly complement a person’s features without overpowering them. Plus, they’re very lightweight and durable, offering everything you could want in a pair of glasses.

GUNNAR’s current line of blue light blocking glasses includes a variety of gold frame styles, allowing you to find the pair that best suits your unique style and needs. On top of making a great fashion accessory, GUNNAR gold frame glasses offer protection from harmful blue light. 

If you spend long hours working on the computer or using other digital devices (and who doesn’t these days), pick up a pair of GUNNAR gold frame computer glasses to protect your visual system, enhance your viewing experience, and express your personal style!

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