GUNNAR Glasses Review By The YouTube Tech Guy

GUNNAR Glasses Review By The YouTube Tech Guy

GUNNAR's close connection with the tech world is a clear expression of our goal. We aim to protect anyone who uses technology from the health risks associated with digital screens. If you consider yourself a techie, or even if you just keep up with tech news, you've probably heard of Rock, The YouTube Tech Guy. He makes amazing review videos of everything tech-related. He put up a review of GUNNAR, of which we are very proud. It no longer surprises us when reviews like this one come out, but we are always grateful when people who know their stuff take notice of the movement. Be sure to check out some of his other great videos as well, but for now, here's his GUNNAR review:

The Glasses

For those keeping track at home, he discussed four different pairs of GUNNARs. Two of them he uses everyday when he's working on his computer, or driving in his car. We'll cover those first. The other two are pairs he picked up to show some of the variety and style GUNNAR offers.

gunnar sunglasses with blue light protection

  • Valve Sunglasses

    These shades do the trick of normal shades, but also employ GUNNAR's patented lens technology. For the YouTube Tech Guy, they're great because of the subtle tint, comfortable wear, and cool look. GUNNAR sunglasses provide the second highest level of blue light protection of any other lens type. If you happen use screens outdoors regularly, or just need a nice pair of sunglasses, check out Valve.

  • Torpedo

    These are the glasses Rock uses everyday when he sits in front of the computer doing his thing. They're great for computer or gaming. Rock noted that when he was playing Kingdom Hearts 3 for several hours a day he wore the glasses. He even performed a little test. He went three hours wearing the glasses while he played, and then one hour without them. The result was stark. He noticed the extreme difference in eye strain immediately. When someone as serious about technology as the YouTube Tech Guy wears a pair of GUNNARs everyday, you know he loves it. If you want to protect your eyes when you game or when you use other screens, Torpedo may be the way to go. 


  • Atherton

    Now we get into territory where the YouTube Tech Guy offers some passing thoughts on a couple pairs of GUNNARs he doesn't personally wear. The Atherton is trendy, cool, and very stylish. It offers every day protection, and as Rock noted, can take prescription lenses. So, if you want to stay protected, look cool, and see clearly, Atherton might be the pair you need.

  • Menlo

    Like the Atherton, the YouTube Tech Guy doesn't wear the Menlo personally, but you can see from the video how cool he looks in them (despite his own opinion to the contrary). For anyone looking for a slick pair of glasses offering constant protection, and sure to bring compliments, the Menlo has what you need.

This review offers a peak into what it's like to wear GUNNARs as a techie on a daily basis. The YouTube Tech Guy knows his stuff, and he considers GUNNAR the "Best way to protect your eyes." With an endorsement like that, you can't go wrong. Check out one of the pairs he reviewed above, or find the right pair for you among our many many other options. 

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