GUNNAR Holiday Gift Guide 2021

GUNNAR Holiday Gift Guide 2021

It’s hard to believe that it’s October already and the holidays are just around the corner.  Believe me, it will be December in no time!  Help!  At GUNNAR we believe in making gift giving as easy as possible so this year, not only did we decide to jump start gift shopping early, but we also added various options to make it easier for you to give the gift of healthy eyes to friends and family alike.  If you are looking for gifts for computer users, gifts for gamers, or in fact anyone in your life that uses a digital device, GUNNAR has your back!

gunnar holiday gift guide


For The Picky Ones

To start with we understand firsthand how difficult it can be to buy glasses for anyone, let alone someone who wears readers or prescription glasses!  So, this year for the first time, we are offering digital gift cards in our online store so you can put it in a stocking or under the tree.  That way the recipient can find the perfect pair of GUNNAR glasses themselves!  It’ll be a win, win!

gunnar holiday gift card


Convenient Bundles

We have also released four exclusive bundle gift boxes with great value, based on our best-selling styles; three double packs including one for kids (aptly named the Double Trouble Pack) and one single pack.  The single pack includes Intercept, Frost Edition, a limited-edition frame in GUNNAR’s patented Amber lens which blocks 65% of blue light.  All bundles come with a frost-themed glasses case, pouch and cloth and comes pre-wrapped for convenience so you can put it straight under the tree if you have one!  You can check out all our bundles here.

intercept frost edition bundle


Best Gifts For Gamers

Looking for the best gift for gamers or even gifts for teenage gamers but don’t like the bundle options? No problem!  Simply shop all gaming glasses and add gift wrap at check out for just $2.99.

best gifts for gamers gunnar


For Mom and Dad

GUNNAR carries a wide range of gaming and computer glasses for adults, teens and kids, so no matter who that person is in your life, you’ll find the perfect gift for them!  Many people don’t realize that we also sell reading glasses and sunglasses, so what better way to show mom or dad how much you love them by sending them a pair of GUNNAR glasses?  Our sunglasses come in a range of cool fashionable styles with GUNNAR’s sun lens which blocks 100% UV and 90% blue light and is specifically engineered for use outdoors and for using digital devices in bright sun lit conditions. Our premium reading glasses include GUNNAR’s industry leading lens technology and come in both Amber (blocks 65% of blue light) and Clear (blocks 35% of blue light) in a range of focusing powers.

gunnar holiday bundles


To Me, From Me

Finally, don’t forget to give yourself a gift!  Not sharing any spoilers here, but we all know that Black Friday and Cyber Week tend to give people the best offers leading up to the holidays.  Or simply buy yourself a pair of glasses now while it’s early enough, add gift wrap at check out and put it in the cupboard with all the other gifts you buy over the next several weeks.  If your whirlwind life and busy mind is anything like mine, you’ll totally forget what you bought exactly given all the options you saw online, and you’ll get a sweet surprise on Christmas morning! Don’t forget to write ‘To: Me/From: Me’ on the label though ;oP (JK).

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