How to choose the right pair of glasses or computer eyewear/blue light blockers

How to choose the right pair of glasses or computer eyewear/blue light blockers

Getting a new pair of GUNNAR glasses is exciting. Often you have searched for the perfect fit and found the lenses and add-ons that best suit your lifestyle. They may look and feel great on your face, but you may notice a few things that you didn’t expect like dizziness, eyestrain, an awareness of the coatings, and how differently you see through the tint. These are all common side effects and symptoms of getting a new pair of glasses.

Let’s go over a few things that may be causing these symptoms and then we’ll discuss some tips to help adjust to your new glasses. It is important to highlight the importance of seeing an eye care professional before purchasing any glasses. The exam will make sure that you understand if you need a glasses prescription and ensure that your ocular health is good. Knowing these two things will set the stage for success with your new pair of GUNNAR glasses!

When getting new glasses, the size and shape of the frame, as well as the lens material, all play a role in the adjustment period. For those that wear prescription glasses, even with the same lens power your vision may feel different with different frames due to this.

GUNNAR lenses are made of polycarbonate or nylon lenses, depending on the Performance level, that are safe and durable, are lightweight and thin and provide UV protection and more scratch resistance than typical over the counter plastic lenses. If you’ve never worn polycarbonate or nylon before, there may be a slight adjustment period to the superior material.

Picking the right frame style for your face size and shape is also important to limit extra distortions within the lenses.
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