How To Clean GUNNAR Glasses

How To Clean GUNNAR Glasses

Any glasses-wearer will tell you the importance of keeping your eyeglass lenses clean. Without clean lenses, your view is dirt, finger prints, and smudges all day; although with clean lenses, you might forget you're even wearing them. 

Computer and gaming glasses put new users into an interesting situation. While many who buy GUNNARs already wear prescription or reading glasses, many others only wear GUNNARs and only when in front of a screen. For both groups, keeping your glasses clean matters. The latter group, however, has less experience owning and maintaining glasses. GUNNARs are an investment in your health and comfort. 

Cleaning GUNNAR Glasses

Anyone can clean their GUNNAR computer glasses, and everyone should. Below we have advice on thorough cleaning and everyday maintenance for your GUNNARs.

Thorough Cleaning

Take the following steps to thoroughly clean your GUNNARs.

  • Use a dry, soft cloth to remove excess loose dirt, dust, or grime. If you start right in with the spray or a wet wipe, you might waste some of it one thing you could have removed easily without the moisture. Plus, the loose build-up can be absorbent. When you get it wet, then try to clean the lenses or frames, you might end up smearing around the mess rather than cleaning it.
  • Apply GUNNAR lens cleaning spray either to a soft cloth or to the lenses and frame directly. If you have a lot of build-up, then spraying directly on may be necessary to get it all. For normal maintenance cleaning, however, a little spray onto the cloth should do the trick. If you're using a wet cloth, wipe the frames and lenses down entirely, focusing on specific areas as needed. If you're spraying directly, thoroughly spread the spray all over the glasses.
  • After wetting the glasses, take a dry soft cloth and lightly, but thoroughly, rub the lenses and frames till dry and streak-free. This step may require patience. Check to see that all the liquid is gone. Check to see if all streaks and smudges have been removed. If not, continue the process until the glasses are dry, clean, and shining.

For all of your cleaning needs, consider GUNNAR's Eyeglass Lens Cleaner Kit.

Routine Maintenance

Such a thorough cleaning may not always be necessary. In the case that you regularly check your glasses and keep them clean, simple maintenance may be all you need. There are a few ways you can approach such maintenance.

  • Use a Glasses Cleaning Wipe: Individually packed glasses wipes offer a simple, quick, on the go solution to daily light maintenance. In a pinch, these wipes will offer a more thorough clean as well. However, their portable nature lends them to quick, convenient use when only simple touch up cleaning is all you need.
  • Use a Dry, or Moistened Soft Cloth: Soft cloths, like the ones that come in glasses cleaning kits, offer static cling that allows them, when dry, to absorb dust and grime that has not clung to the glasses. For cases when the small amount of filth is stubbornly attached to your glasses, just add a little water to a corner of the cloth. After you've cleaned the problem area, use the dry portion of the cloth to avoid streaks.


GUNNAR offers lens cleaning wipes for your everyday GUNNAR cleaning needs.

Keeping it Clean

Taking care of your GUNNARs will help you use them more. Keep yours clean, and you'll definitely wear them more. Get the tools you need to maintain your GUNNARs right today.

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