The Best Sunglasses for Small Faces

The Best Sunglasses for Small Faces

For those with small faces, finding a pair of sunglasses that fit well and look good can be a real challenge. Those trendy, oversized sunglasses that look great on your friend completely overpower your face. Finding the perfect sunglasses starts with understanding which style of sunglasses are best suited to small facial features. If you know what to look for, you’ll be able to find plenty of eyewear designs that will look amazing on you. Keep reading to discover the best sunglass styles for small faces.

How do you know if you have a small face?

Most people can tell they have a small face just by looking at it, however, if you want to get technical, you can compare your facial measurement to those of an average face. An average face is about one and a half times longer than it is wide. People with small faces, on the other hand, have a facial width and length that are about the same.

People with small faces typically have a smaller forehead, nose, jawline, and cheeks. Everything is just a bit more compact and narrow.

Finding the best shades for your small face

Having a small face is in no way a bad thing! In fact, in Japan, male and female celebrities with small faces are valued for their attractiveness. By embracing your small face, you can find sunglasses that perfectly complement your features and make you feel like a million bucks.
Here are the best sunglass styles for people with smaller faces.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

If you wear sunglasses with lenses that are too big, the glasses will overpower your features and make you look a bit bug-like. To counter this, you want to choose sunglasses with smaller lenses and a frame that isn’t too wide. Wayfarers definitely fit the bill, making it a great choice for those with small faces. Wayfarer’s frames aren’t too wide and the lenses are often shorter in height. The rectangular shape of Wayfarers look especially great on those with round, oval-shaped faces

A great pair of Wayfarer-style sunglasses to consider is GUNNAR's Enigma blue light blocking sunglasses. These shades sport a smaller lens and frame size, as well as a shorter bridge for those with smaller or flatter noses. Not only do they look great, but they also block blue light and 100 percent UV light, making them ideal for those who use digital screens in sunlit environments.

enigma wayfarer sunglasses for small faces

Aviator Sunglasses

This pilot-inspired style features a delicate frame that perfectly compliments a small face. Unlike certain styles (ahem, cat-eyed frames), the curved edges of aviators won’t emphasize the small size of your face.
If you’re looking for a stylish, protective pair of sunnies, look no further than GUNNAR's Maverick blue light blocking sunglasses. These classic frames feature adjustable silicone nose pads for a customizable fit and a lightweight frame that won’t overpower your face. They also block blue light and 100 percent UV light, making them a must-have if you find yourself working on your digital devices outdoors. And since GUNNAR’s sun lens is non-polarized, you can actually see the detail on the screen when it’s really bright.  (Fun fact: this is the type of lens pilots have to use in the cockpit of the plane by law!)

maverick aviator sunglasses for small faces

Round Sunglasses

While you should definitely avoid certain styles of sunglasses if you have a small face, such as those with oversized lenses and cat-eyed frames, you can still wear funky styles. In particular, circular frames are a flattering choice. Look for a pair of round sunglasses that have small lenses that don’t go too far above your brow or too low below your cheekbones.

A great example of a circular frame for small faces is GUNNAR's Infinite blue light blocking sunglasses.These vintage-inspired frames block harmful blue light while protecting your eyes from UV rays. With adjustable silicone nose pads and a fashionable, sophisticated style, these are a perfect complement to any small face.
infinite round sunglasses for small faces

The importance of blue light blocking sunglasses

Blue light, like other colors of visible light, is all around you. The primary source of blue light is sunlight, however, it’s also emitted from human-made sources such as digital devices and fluorescent light bulbs. In fact, humans are exposed to more blue light than ever because of the widespread use of devices that rely on light-emitting diode (LED) technology. Computer and laptop screens, flat-screen televisions, cell phones, and tablets all use LED technology that emits high amounts of blue light.

Our eyes are not good at blocking blue light and excessive blue light, whether from digital devices, the sun, or a combination, have been shown to have negative effects. These can include eye strain, headaches, and disruptions in your body’s sleep cycle. If you happen to use your digital devices outside, you’re essentially getting a double whammy of blue light!

Do all sunglasses block blue light?

Not all sunglasses block blue light. In fact, most don’t. Most sunglasses are equipped with UV400 lenses that block 100 percent of the sun’s UV rays, however, they don’t necessarily block blue light. This is why you don’t want to choose any old pair of sunglasses.
The patented lens technology used in GUNNAR’s shades not only protect your eyes from the sun's UV rays, but they also protect your eyes from blue light emitted by the sun and other sources. GUNNAR’s line of sunglasses are designed to reduce the symptoms of eye strain, minimize glare, sharpen focus, and offer a level of protection that most sunglasses don’t.

The bottom line

While finding sunglasses that flatter your small face might feel like a daunting task, it becomes much easier when you know what to look for. Wayfarers, aviators, and round sunglasses are all excellent choices when it comes to complementing your small face.

Remember though, even more important than style is the eye protection your sunglasses offer. Look for shades that protect you from UV rays as well as blue light, especially if you regularly use your digital devices while outside. With GUNNAR’s collection of blue light blocking sunglasses, you can effectively protect your eyes and look stylish while doing it!

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