Which GUNNAR Lenses Are Right for Me?

Which GUNNAR Lenses Are Right for Me?

If you’ve spent much time on Gunnar.com, you’ve likely noticed our variety of blue light protection lens options. If you’re anything like me, you probably look at all of them and have thought “which blue light lens is best for me?”. Various factors play into the decision, making it a tough one. Higher versus lower protection, color versus clear lenses, outdoor versus indoor lenses, which lens will protect my eyes from blue light the best? Today we are breaking down a lens guide to explain all the different types of Gunnar blue light blocking tints.

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A Quick Note For All GUNNAR Users

You’ll notice as we break this down that regardless of why you need GUNNAR, you should be asking “how much protection do I need?” At bottom, this question takes in all of the advice that follows. The key difference between the lenses is GUNNAR Blue Light Filter (GBLF). Just like skin protection factor (SPF) in sunscreen, we rate our lenses based on how well they protect your eyes from harsh blue light. Bear this in mind as we go through our various lens types one by one below.

Lens and Glasses Types and Needs

As the name indicates, GUNNAR designed gaming glasses for gamers. The main difference with the glasses for gamers is the frame design. The frames focus on comfort and compatibility for gaming (for example, specific designs to work with headsets). The blue light lens options for each type of glasses are the same (although some lens types are only available with certain frames, narrow your search in our store to see which frames are available in the lens type you need). If you prefer a different set of frames, any frames that support the type of lenses you need will do just fine for you. Our patented blue light lens technology, however, is not in the frames, but in the lenses!

One other thing to note: GUNNAR offers corrective lenses. Our frames and blue light lenses can accommodate prescription and (in some cases) reading lenses.

GUNNAR Clear Lens

gunnar clear lens

This blue light lens offers the lowest GBLF (35). Individuals using clear lenses receive greater protection from blue light than normal glasses, but less than Gunnar Amber, Sun, or Amber Max lenses. Such blue light lenses work best for those who need to see true color without a tint hindering them, such as graphic designers and coders. Casual gamers and technology users who sometimes experience eye strain and other symptoms, will generally find the Gunnar Clear blue light lenses a great choice. If this description applies to you, and you prefer to not wear amber lenses for aesthetic reasons (it’s ok, we get it), Gunnar Clear lenses might be for you.

You should consider getting Clear lenses if one or more of the following apply to you:

  • Graphic designer or coder who needs to see true color
  • Photographer editing photos on a laptop
  • Use your phone 1-2 hours per day at most
  • Use a computer for work for less than 3 hours a day
  • Experience minimal, but present, symptoms of digital eye strain
  • Rarely work in low light areas
  • Exposure to artificial blue light is a minimal concern
  • Play video or computer games only casually, or not at all
  • Sleep cycle suffers hardly at all from your use of digital devices

GUNNAR Amber Lens

gunnar amber lens

Amber lenses take a big jump in GBLF (65) compared to our Clear lenses that fall at (35). The lens color changes, and the protection nearly doubles. Gunnar Amber blue light lenses offer protection to those who game and use technology frequently throughout the day. If the use of technology is a central part of your day, you should consider using Amber lenses to protect yourself from all the harsh blue light it reflects at you. If functional protection from blue light is the name of the game, Amber lenses might just be for you.

You should consider getting Amber lenses if one or more of the following apply to you:

  • Use your phone for 3+ hours per day
  • Use a computer for work 8+ hours a day
  • Experience persistent symptoms of digital eye strain
  • Work infrequently in low light areas
  • Exposure to artificial blue light from laptops, phone, etc. is a regular part of your day
  • Stream and play video or computer games frequently, for extended periods of time
  • Suffer moderate sleep cycle issues from your digital devices

Many modern careers and pastimes point toward this, our most popular blue light blocking lens. Professional Gamers, Streamers, Software engineers, coders, bloggers, and individuals in related careers would all benefit from the Gunnar Amber lenses.


gunnar sun lens

The other types of frames outlined focus on indoor use. As you might have guessed, our blue light sun lenses are for outdoor use. These lenses provide a higher GBLF (90) for those who spend long periods out in the sun, with our without technology. Our Gunnar Sun lenses will protect you from the sun (which gives off the most blue light known to humans) and still allow you to see your phone without a glare. The Gunnar sun lens does not have a polarized coat on it but it is still 100% UV protected. Since it doesn’t have that polarized coat on it, you can always see your digital device clearly without having to take off your glasses.

You should consider getting Sun lenses if one or more of the following apply to you:

  • Work outdoors frequently for long periods
  • Experience headaches or other eye strain symptoms in sunlight
  • Use digital devices outdoors during the day
  • Like to spend off days outside in the sun but need to see your phone screen without a glare

Of course, we should note that anyone who wears sunglasses will benefit from a pair of GUNNAR sunglasses. The GBLF on your current glasses likely leaves your eyes vulnerable. Why only protect your eyes indoors from blue light? Get your Gunnar Sunglasses today!

GUNNAR Amber Max Lens

gunnar amber max lens

Now we’ve reached MAXIMUM BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION! Amber max, with the highest GBLF we offer (98) is designed for the most sensitive eyes. This level of protection allows almost no blue light through. The downside, of course, is the darkness and color of the tint. If you feel you need the level of protection offered by Amber Max, however, any downsides will disappear with the relief you’ll experience with use.

You should consider getting Amber Max lenses if one or more of the following apply to you:

  • Extremely sensitive to any form of light at night time
  • Frequently work using technology at night or in very low light
  • Regularly game for extended periods of time at night or in very low light
  • Regularly watch tv or video streams at night with only the TV on
  • When using technology, you experience extreme symptoms of digital eye strain
  • Your sleep cycle suffers significantly from your use of digital devices
  • Consultation with an eye doctor recommends extreme protection

Remember the list of occupations and pastimes listed under Amber lenses? Plug all of those in here, and take away the light. If you work at night doing any of the careers listed under Amber, Amber Max may be the lens for you.



A Quick Recap

Below is an image that briefly describes each of the lens types.

GBLF Logos

The Next Step

Now you have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about which GUNNAR lens is right for you. The next step is to choose your level of protection. Move forward today with GUNNAR’s patented lens technology, and join the movement!


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