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Dr. Miki Zilnicki is part owner of Twin Forks Optometry & Vision Therapy in Long Island. With her business partner, Dr. Jessica Licausi, she co-hosts the podcast “Vision is More Than 20/20”. She is also an active member of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development and representative writer for Vision Therapy on the website

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RJ is the Sr. Director of Marketing Ops and Digital for GUNNAR with more than 14 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. As an avid athlete and wellness advocate, he enjoys helping others reach their peak potential while maintaining healthy habits.  RJ also sits on the Vision Council of America's Marketing and Communications committee and holds a bachelor’s degree in Health and Behavioral Science from the University of Delaware.

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Mike is the Director of Brand Marketing at GUNNAR. He has a long history working in the gaming industry from helping to launch AAA titles from Electronic Arts, Warner Bros. Interactive and Atari. Mike has accumulated a diverse breadth of experience and valuable insights when it comes to gaming and marketing. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Modern Literature and Ancient Japanese History from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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Sarah is the Manager of Community and Influencer Relations at GUNNAR. She loves working in the gaming industry and helping promote eye health among content creators. After spending years as a full-time streamer, she still enjoys gaming and making cosplays. She uses her bachelor's in Linguistics from Georgia State University as a neat party trick where she can ask to use the bathroom in over 30 different languages.

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Terry Albea is a Customer Experience at GUNNAR. As a passionate gamer, he was a long-time GUNNAR fan even prior to joining the team. With keen interest in technology, pop culture, and community, he has been a department volunteer lead with Comic Con San Diego and is also an assistant Black Belt Tae Kwon Do instructor for America’s Youth Outreach Program (AYOP). He carries a bachelor’s degree in Ethic Studies from the University of California San Diego.

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