With Digital Device Use at an All-Time High, GUNNAR Youth Aims to Help Parents Protect the Eyes of their Kids with Industry-Leading and Doctor Recommended Gaming and Computer Glasses


CARLSBAD, Calif. (March 1, 2021)GUNNAR Optiks, the preeminent force and No. 1 in gaming glasses, today formally established its GUNNAR Youth category providing gaming and computer glasses designed specifically for kids and teens. As a formal brand category, the company is also launching dedicated Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest channels for parents, in addition to releasing a wide range of content, studies and information, to help educate them about the harmful effects of increased digital screen use and blue light. As the category pioneer for over 15 years and first company to secure its lens technology patent, GUNNAR glasses are doctor recommended and will give parents peace of mind knowing their kid’s eyes are in safe hands.


GUNNAR Youth gaming and computer glasses include a wide array of frame styles, color options and designs. The current lineup includes; Cruz Kids (ages 4-8 and 8-12), Cruz (age 12+) and MOBA Razer Edition, the first pair of gaming glasses designed specifically for teens as a collaboration with licensing partner, and leading gaming lifestyle brand, Razer. Additional styles will be added throughout the year to give kids and teens more choice as they continue to embrace digital technology both at home and school.


GUNNAR Youth glasses are available in GUNNAR’s ‘Clear’ lens tint which blocks 35% of blue light and signature ‘Amber’ lens tint which blocks 65% of blue light, both in ‘Natural-Focus.’ All lenses come with anti-glare and smudge resistant coatings and are available in non-prescription and prescription. GUNNAR Youth glasses come with a free cleaning cloth and protective glasses case with zipper and clip for attaching to backpacks.


“As industry leaders, GUNNAR Youth represents our commitment to apply our technology, innovation and thought leadership to a demographic that’s gone largely overlooked,” said GUNNAR Optiks, Director of Marketing, Georgina Petrie. “In a digital age where kids and teens are consistently on their devices for school, entertainment, gaming and to connect with their friends and family, we wanted to insert ourselves into this category officially. Just as parents wouldn’t let their kids in the sun without the proper sunscreen protection, we want to educate the millions of parents out there about protecting their children’s vision from the negative effects of digital screen use and blue light.”


With more than 15 years of experience, GUNNAR’s lineup of gaming and computer glasses for kids and teens are designed to provide superior performance through its patented lens technology, which reduces the symptoms of digital eye strain and filters out harmful blue light. Continuing its crusade to educate consumers about eye health and best practices to support the topic, GUNNAR recently released an educational trailer with Dr. Miki Lyn Zilnicki, O.D., F.C.O.V.D., which can be watched here.


Over the coming months, GUNNAR will continue bolstering its GUNNAR Youth glasses lineup, nurturing an evolving space where design and innovation are key. Pricing starts at $29.99, with single vision prescription glasses starting at $120, and are available on and, in addition to other retail sites worldwide. For more information on GUNNAR’s premium lineup of gaming and computer glasses, visit, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


About GUNNAR Optiks
Established in 2006, GUNNAR Optiks®, LLC is the expert in performance enhancing, blue light blocking glasses for all eyes and is #1 in gaming. Leading the way in cutting edge technology and design innovation, GUNNAR was the first company to secure a patent (# 9417460) for lenses that helps to reduce digital eye strain symptoms and combat fatigue issues associated with the use of digital screens. GUNNAR lenses are doctor recommended and clinically proven to combat symptoms associated with digital eye strain. As the category pioneer, GUNNAR has established itself as preeminent force in gaming and computer glasses and continues to expand its portfolio providing a wide selection of styles, protective lens types and focus options for everyone. These include gaming, computer, prescription, reading and sunglasses, in addition to a new line of glasses specifically designed for teens and kids.


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