Due to Children’s Rapidly Increased Screen Time and Digital Device Use, GUNNAR is Offering an Invaluable Eyewear Solution


CARLSBAD, Calif. (July 14, 2020)GUNNAR Optiks, the No. 1 in gaming and computer glasses, today announced “Cruz Kids,” the newest lineup of blue light blocking glasses designed specifically for children ages 4-8, 8-12 and 12+. With more than 15 years of experience innovating lens technology, GUNNAR is launching a special lineup of protective eyewear designed for today’s kids logging countless hours of screen time on digital devices.


The all-new “Cruz Kids” glasses provide superior protection against the short and long-term effects of digital eye strain and exposure to the artificial blue light emitted from digital screens; causing symptoms kids may unknowingly experience as a result of using tablets, mobile phones and gaming.


“As a mother of two young children, my ultimate goal is to provide parents with the knowledge to make educated decisions for their own families. I recommend GUNNAR glasses to all my patients because their unique and innovative lens technology is proven to outperform competitors and reduce symptoms of digital eye strain,” said Dr. Miki Zilnicki, Optometrist at Twin Forks Optometry. “Many parents don’t understand their child’s eye doesn’t fully develop until well after puberty, so it is critical to consider computer and gaming eyewear as we continue to understand the negative effects of blue light in digital devices.”


GUNNAR’s patented lens technology enhances visual focus at close range, blocks blue light and reduces dry eyes. Designed with a child’s lifestyle in mind, the “Cruz Kids” glasses feature a smudge resistant lens coating, durable nylon frame material and hingeless frame design for extreme flexibility. “Cruz Kids” includes a special zip-around case with carrying clip, ideal for backpacks and secure transportation. Pioneering the standard for blue light protection with its “Blue Light Protection Factor™ (BLPF),”

GUNNAR created a lens protection scale similar to SPF in sun protection. “Cruz Kids” is available in the US patented Amber Lens, blocking 65% of blue light (BLPF 65), and Clear Lens, which blocks 35% (BLPF 35).


According to the American Optometric Association, risk of myopia (nearsightedness) is linked to smartphone usage. A recent study by the Clinical and Experimental Optometry reports myopic children use twice as much smartphone data each day as their non-myopic peers. A recent analysis conducted by a kids technology company reports children’s screen time during the COVID-19 pandemic surged by as much as 50% to 60%, and children 12 and younger are spending upwards of five hours or more on screens per day. Increased screen time during the pandemic demonstrates an increased risk of developing myopia and progression in our youth’s developing eyes. Children and teens are more vulnerable than ever due to the length of time exposed to digital devices early on in their natural development. Protecting children from high energy blue light emitted from digital screens is a critical issue for the long-term preservation of their eye health and sleep schedules.


“During our 15 years of innovation, we’ve created a full solution to block blue light and protect the eyes of gamers and computer users worldwide. As younger generations embrace digital devices through education and entertainment, it was important for us to create an effective solution to protect their developing eyes too.” said Joe Croft, Co-Founder at GUNNAR Optiks.


Available in three frame sizes; Kids Small (age 4-8), Kids Large (age 8-12) and Cruz (age 12+), the “Cruz Kids” lineup offers nine frame color choices equipped with GUNNAR’s patented Amber or Clear Lens. “Cruz Kids” can be purchased at and Amazon, starting at $29.99. Single vision prescriptions start at $120.00. Additionally, a variety of GUNNAR frame styles are available at, GameStop and Best Buy. GUNNAR’s portfolio of products includes blue light blocking solutions for Gaming, Computer, Reading Glasses, Prescription and Sunglasses. For more information on GUNNAR’s line of gaming and computer glasses, visit, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


About GUNNAR Optiks
Established in 2006, GUNNAR Optiks®, LLC is the expert in performance enhancing, blue light blocking glasses for all eyes and is considered the #1 in gaming. Leading the way in cutting edge technology and design innovation, GUNNAR was the first company to secure a patent (# 9417460) for lenses that reduce digital eye strain and combat fatigue issues associated with the use of digital screens. GUNNAR’s lenses are clinically proven and Dr recommended. As the category pioneer, GUNNAR has established itself as preeminent force in gaming glasses and continues to expand its portfolio providing a wide selection of styles, protective lens types and focus options for everyone. These include glasses for gaming, computer and sun use, in addition to a new line of glasses specifically designed for kids with developing eyes and reading glasses.


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