GUNNAR x Oxygen


This year we are proud to partner with Oxygen Esports (OXG) an emerging force on the world stage of competitive esports.


With a management team and roster of players that share our belief in educating gamers of all ages about the importance of taking care of their vision and physical health, OXG stands firm in supporting our mission this year to help educate other players and their fans about enhancing their performance while protecting their eyes with GUNNAR.


Oxygen Esports competes at the highest level across some of the most-watched titles in esports, including: Rainbow Six: Siege, Rocket League, Fortnite, Hearthstone, and Valorant.

Established in Boston in 2020, OXG is breathing new life into the team landscape with a data driven approach to talent acquisition and fanbase engagement.


OXG’s mission is not just to win esports’ biggest championships, but to build a sustainable esports ecosystem for gamers of every skill level.

What the 6-Siege Team is Wearing


FoxA‘s Favorite

Berkeley, Onyx, Rx

LaXIng‘s Favorite

Pendleton, Slate

VertcL‘s Favorite

Pendleton, Slate

Yoggah‘s Favorite

Pendleton, Slate

Kyno‘s Favorite

Attaché, Onyx