What Do Gaming Glasses Do?

What Do Gaming Glasses Do?

Blue light blocking glasses all serve a similar purpose. They have special lenses that diminish the amount of blue light to which you expose your eyes. Sometimes they include glare protection as well. But, there are different varieties of blue light glasses. For example, there are computer glasses and gaming glasses. As the names imply, one is for the use of any computer user, whereas the other is specifically for gamers. The question, then, is what's the difference? Why are there specific glasses for gamers, and other glasses for computer users? Today we'll explain what makes gaming glasses different.

Ergonomic Design

One of the key differences between gaming and computer glasses is the features included in the design. Gaming glasses often incorporate the user's likely participation in e-sports events in their design. Therefore, the glasses include things like specially designed ergonomic temples, and adjustable silicon nose pads, like in the Heroes of the Storm-Strike. These ensure comfort during extended use. The solution cannot be worse than the problem. For gamers, this means they should almost forget they're wearing the glasses.

best gaming glasses with blue light protection feature ergonomic design

Field of Vision

Many computer glasses offer a wide field of vision. However, gaming glasses have a stronger need for a wide field. During serious games on big screens, a gamer needs the ability to see the whole game without interruption of view. Panoramic lens designs are essential in gaming glasses. The same is true of frames. Although frames in gaming glasses are often average thickness, many gamers prefer thinner frames to avoid putting extra distractions in front of them. Vayper offers an example of both panoramic lenses and thin frames in a very popular pair of gaming glasses.

gaming glasses with panoramic lenses

Headset Compatibility

Gaming glasses also must be compatible with gamer needs. This means intentionally designing the glasses to fit comfortably under a pair of over-ear gaming headphones. Serious gamers wear headsets whenever they play. If they wish to protect themselves from blue light, then their blue light glasses have to adjust to the headsets. This is why companies like Razer get involved in the design of such glasses. Both the FPS and the RPG by Razer offer specific compatibility with Razer brand headsets. Other glasses are designed to integrate with headphones generally, for example, Trooper.

gaming glasses with headphones compatibility

Design Preference

The last category to consider in difference is design preference. Many computer glasses wearers use their glasses in a professional office environment. As such, they have to conform their dress and appearance to a professional standard. Gamers have a professional standard to uphold as well, but that standard is much different than an office setting. Gamers often prefer a selection of unique, colorful, and interesting designs that do not always conform to traditional professional dress. Many of our gaming glasses exemplify the bold, unique designs popular in gaming glasses. Many of our computer glasses show the more conservative, understated look popular in computer glasses. If you want traditional, probably lean computer; if you want exciting, like many gamers do, check out gaming.

gaming glasses designed for gamers

Now that you know the difference, it's time to find out which pair is right for you. Go read up on some of our favorite pair of gaming glasses and pick your pair today.

girl wearing gunnar gaming glasses

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