The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you’re like most people, you spend several hours a day staring at digital screens. You conduct your work on a laptop or computer, surf the web or social media on your breaks, and wind down at night by watching Netflix.

Digital screens emit blue light, a type of light on the color spectrum. Prolonged screen use and exposure to blue light can cause uncomfortable symptoms like dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. Additionally, many studies show that artificial blue light can cause sleep disruptions.[*]

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If your days involve staring at a digital screen for long periods of time, you might want to consider a pair of blue light blocking glasses. These glasses feature a special lens tint that prevents a large portion of the blue light from digital screens from entering your eyes.

Which Blue Light Glasses Are Best?

Most people want to do some research and consider their options before making a purchase. To help you select the best blue light blocking glasses for your needs, we’ve rounded up the most popular blue light glasses on the market, including those from our competitors.

By the time you’re finished reading this article, we’re confident you’ll see why GUNNAR blue light glasses come out on top when compared to other available options.

Comparing the Competition

GUNNAR is the only patented gaming and computer eyewear that’s recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision. Let’s take a look and see how GUNNAR glasses compare to some brands on the market.

Zenni Optical Blue Light Glasses

Blockz by Zenni Optical are virtually-clear blue light blocking glasses that start at about $17, making them an inexpensive option. They come in several styles and can be made with prescription or non-prescription lenses.

With the low price tag, however, there is the question of quality and durability. They also don’t list how much blue light their glasses block, which makes it difficult to determine their effectiveness.

Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses

Felix Gray offers a small selection of non-prescription and prescription blue light glasses starting at $95.

In a test conducted by the Wanxin Optical Lab in 2020, Felix Gray’s Sleep Lens was determined to block 24% of blue light at the peak of the blue light spectrum (450 nanometers). Compare this to GUNNAR’s sleep lens (Amber Max), which blocks 98% of blue light. Even GUNNAR’s Clear and Amber lenses offer more protection than Felix Gray’s sleep lenses, blocking 35% and 65%, respectively.

Jins Blue Light Glasses

You can add blue light lenses to any of Jins’ frames. The lenses are available in prescription or non-prescription lenses and block 25-60% of blue light, depending on the tint of the lens. These glasses start around $80, but most options are $120 and up, making them one of the pricier options.

Diff Eyewear Blue Light Glasses

Diff Eyewear offers non-prescription or prescription blue light glasses. However, they do not share what percentage of blue light their glasses block, so it’s hard to determine their efficacy.

GUNNAR: The Best Blue Light Glasses

There’s a reason (actually, many reasons) that GUNNAR blue light glasses consistently come out on top in reviews. As we mentioned above, GUNNAR is the only patented gaming and computer eyewear that’s recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision.

Our glasses also do more than block blue light. Thanks to our patented lens technology, our glasses also reduce digital eye strain, prevent dry eyes, minimize glare, and provide sharper, clearer vision. You can read more about our lens technology here.

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So, which GUNNAR blue light glasses should you choose? Here are our top picks.

Best Blue Light Glasses for Gaming: Lightning Bolt 360

best blue light glasses for gaming lightning bolt 360

Lightning Bolt 360 is the most versatile pair of gaming glasses ever created. They come with three different temple options: classic (standard wear), post (slim, lightweight fit), and strap (for maximum comfort with headset). 

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Even cooler? Lightning Bolt 360 comes with two interchangeable lenses: Amber lenses for indoor gaming and Sun lenses for outdoor screen use. Prescription lenses are also available.

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Best Blue Light Glasses for the Office: Intercept

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Step into your office in style with Intercept blue light glasses. These retro-inspired frames are ergonomically designed to ensure optimal comfort while you work. The Amber lenses block 65% of blue light* (*available in other lens tints), have an anti-reflective coating, and are silicone coated to prevent scratching. Prescription lenses are also available.  

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Best Prescription Blue Light Glasses: Apex Prescription

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Apex Prescription glasses seamlessly blend function and style. These trendy specs feature a durable stainless steel frame, marble-accented acetate temple tips, and anti-glare lenses that block 65% of blue light.

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Apex Prescription glasses are available in prescriptions ranging from +5.50 to -6.00 and with single vision, progressive, or progressive computer lenses. 

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Best Blue Light Reading Glasses: Haus Reading Glasses

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Made with European hand-crafted material and built for stability, function, and long-term wear, Haus blue light reading glasses are eyewear architecture. They feature modernistic, square lenses, sleek black frames, and acetate temples with inner bendable cores. Haus reading lenses are anti-glare and anti-scratch and block 65% of blue light. They’re available in reading powers from +1.00 to +3.00. 

Best Blue Light Glasses for Kids: Cruz Kids

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It’s not only adults who need protection from blue light—kids do, too! Protect your children’s eyes in today’s digital age with Cruz Kids. These blue light glasses feature a durable nylon frame, hingeless design for extreme flexibility, and smudge-resistant lenses. Cruz Kids are available in Clear (blocks 35% blue light) or Amber (blocks 65% blue light), as well as prescription lenses ranging from +5.0 to -5.0.

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Best Blue Light Sunglasses: Vertex

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Sleek, suave, and super comfy. These are just a few words to describe Vertex blue light blocking sunglasses. Designed to be worn when using digital devices outside, these glasses are lightweight and built to work in complete harmony with your eyes. The Sun lenses block 90% of blue light, ensuring your eyes are protected while using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet in the sunshine. 

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The Bottom Line

There are several options for blue light glasses on the market, but they’re not all created equally. GUNNAR is the number one manufacturer of blue light glasses—and for good reason. We bring together function, style, and durability to offer our customers powerful protection and performance-enhancing features.

Our blue light glasses are available in numerous styles and are suitable for a range of budgets. Check out some more of our most popular options here and select the best blue light glasses for your needs. 

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