5 Glasses For Heart Shaped Faces

5 Glasses For Heart Shaped Faces

This post goes out to anyone who has trouble finding glasses that fit your face correctly. When I say fit, I'm not talking feel, I'm talking look. Some people have trouble finding glasses that physically fit on their face, this is true. But, a more frequent phenomenon is people struggling to find glasses that compliment the shape of their face. One of the most common face shapes that cause this struggle is heart-shaped faces. A heart-shaped face, as you might guess, has a wider forehead, strong cheekbones, and comes down to a point at the chin, like a heart. The reason this face shape causes trouble for would-be glasses wearers is the number of strong angles and shapes involved. None of that is to say that heart-shaped faces are ugly. In fact, recent pop culture suggests just the opposite.

If you've ever struggled to find glasses that fit, it might be because you have a heart-shaped face. Follow the advice below to finally find the right glasses for you.


oval glasses for heart shaped faces


Oval glasses have a softer edge and avoid completely round shape. Circular frames tend to emphasize extreme features because of their symmetric design. Heart-shaped faces extreme features near the top appear more extreme. With oval-shaped lenses, the features are softened, and the glasses compliment the natural shape in an appealing way. For example, check out Emery. 


wayfarer glasses for heart shaped face

Wayfarer glasses, originally popularized by RayBan, have prominent wide top, with a gentle taper to the bottom. This complements a heart-shaped face by flowing with it naturally. Not all wayfarer shapes work with all heart-shaped faces, but the principle works well as a general rule. For example, check out Axial.

Rimless and Semi-Rimless

rimless glasses for heart shaped faces


Rimless glasses work for most face shapes because their subtle look is closer to wearing no glasses at all, aesthetically. For a heart-shaped face, the appeal of avoiding the choice of rim shape altogether is appealing. A related frame type to consider is semi-rimless. These do the same thing in principle as wayfarers: thick and wide on top, narrow in appearance on the bottom. In reality, the width can be whatever you want, and the rimless bottoms make them appear precisely how you'll like. For an example of rimless glasses check out Infinite. For an example of semi-rimless check out Cypher.

semi-rimless glasses for heart shaped faces



rectangle glasses for heart shaped face

Unlike square or circular glasses, rectangular glasses help soften the extremes of a heart-shaped face. They look professional and contemporary but don't draw attention to themselves. They have equally sized sides on top and bottom as well as from side to side, but the wider shape helps make the top of a heart-shaped face look natural with the shape and size of the glasses. For example, check out Intercept.

The struggle to find the right glasses, especially with a heart-shaped face is real! We know it can be difficult. We hope that this short guide on glasses shapes helped. If you need a little more time, check out our full online store, and filter our glasses by frame shape, and rim style. 

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