CARLSBAD, Calif. (Mar. 3, 2020)GUNNAR Optiks, As the leading purveyor and trailblazer of blue light blocking computer and gaming eyewear, today announced the expansion of their most popular gaming and computer glasses with the launch of the new Vertex & Intercept lens options.


In a 3rd party lab research, GUNNAR’s Amber Max glasses outperformed competitors by protecting against 98% of harmful digital blue light – which is THREE TIMES that of its nearest competitor. Vertex now offers maximum blue light blocking in Amber Max (BLPF 98), Sun (BLPF 90) and “Natural” (BLPF 65 or 35) and Reading Glasses. The retro classic, Intercept frame completes the line between style and science, and is now available in “Natural” lens technology offering protection while seeing digital screens naturally.


In a study published in 2019 by Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Daylight Saving Time has more clinical implications when the clocks “fall back” or “spring forward.” According to the study, “Average sleep duration shrinks by 15 to 20 minutes for adults during the DST transitions, which may also increase the risk of fatal accidents.” (source)

This study is an eye opener and opens up Pandora’s Box on blue light and its effects on the human eye, as it’s still very much a mystery. With the significant increase of device usage within the last 20 years, research is only beginning to scratch the surface in helping understand exactly how blue light (negatively) affects our vision and performance. NY-based Optometrist, Dr. Miki Zilnicki compares the blue light trend to the tobacco and cigarette industry back in the 60’s. Smoking was the ‘cool thing’ and ‘everyone was doing it.’ Hell, even doctors were smoking in exam rooms! It wasn’t until studies came out years later showcasing the lasting negative effects smoking has on the human body that we firmly understood its health detriments.


GUNNAR Optiks has recognized this issue for the past 15 years and is dedicated to the innovation and development of blue light blocking lens technology with a mission to provide “Protection for All Eyes.”


Vertex Onyx - Gunnar Optiks offers “Protection For All Eyes” with the launch of new Vertex and Intercept Blue Light Blocking lens options



Designed to be light-weight and stealthy comfortable, the VERTEX is crafted with tech that creates an ideal harmony with your eyes, face, and digital device. The VERTEX blends contemporary fashion with new tech materials to precisely deliver form and function.


Intercept Onyx - Gunnar Optiks offers “Protection For All Eyes” with the launch of new Vertex and Intercept Blue Light Blocking lens options

INTERCEPT – $69.99


The retro-classic INTERCEPT is fused with futuristic technology. INTERCEPT completes the line between style and science. This hinges anchor injected temples. An ergonomically balanced frame supports precision optics. Polished logo plates create low-key accents subtle enough for any undercover recruit.


BLPF Graph - Gunnar Optiks offers “Protection For All Eyes” with the launch of new Vertex and Intercept Blue Light Blocking lens options


Founded in 2006 GUNNAR Optiks®, LLC designs and engineers Gaming and Computer Eyewear to protect and enhance vision using revolutionary technology solutions. GUNNAR introduced the Technology Eyewear category in 2008 and pioneered the only patented lens technology to reduce digital eye strain and fatigue issues associated with computer use. GUNNAR is a privately-held company headquartered in Carlsbad, California.


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