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Can Blue Light Alter Your Metabolism and Affect Your Weight?

According to a recent Northwestern University study, it can. During their research into the effects of artificial blue light on humans, metabolism, insulin levels, and glucose levels were shown to be negatively affected. Their study, which was published last week, showed that blue light manipulates metabolic regulation, and can lead to weight gain and potentially increase risk of diabetes. These are not good outcomes. The N.U. study was led by graduate student, Ivy Cheung, and included 19 adults who were subjected to varying levels of artificial light during the morning and evening, while blood levels were measured at regular intervals. In the end, researchers showed that while natural blue light in the morning can have a positive effect on metabolic regulation, in the evening, both natural and especially artificial blue light can have a negative effect on metabolism, insulin resistance, and glucose levels. The study has since been featured on various websites such as Science World Report and Tech Times.


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