GUNNAR x Game Grumps - GUNNAR Computer Eyewear


GUNNAR, the leader in gaming and computer eyewear, and Game Grumps, the funniest gaming entertainment group around, have joined forces to protect the eyes of gamers and comedy seekers alike! With GUNNAR x Game Grumps glasses, you can get two brilliantly colored frames, each personalized with Game Grumps hosts Arin and Dan’s signature.

Arin’s Pixel Pink Enigma

game grumps merch gunnar

With an iconic frame color, the pixel pink Enigma glasses offer top tier eye protection and feature Arin’s signature on the frame.

Dan’s Cobalt Enigma

Enigma Cobalt Amber Face - GUNNAR x Game Grumps

With this frame color selected personally by Dan, the cobalt blue Enigma glasses provide superior eye protection with a Game Grumps touch!